8 Types of Cryptocurrency Investments You Should Consider

Recently, cryptocurrency investments gained popularity as digital assets became one of the acceptable asset classes. Digital asset values made them popular as trading and investment instruments. According to statistics, over 430 million people currently use or own cryptocurrency worldwide, with 46 million people estimated to own crypto in the United States alone. This number represents […]

Polygon Review: Impact on Ethereum Growth And Compatible Blockchain

Polygon helps Ethereum solve common blockchain pain points, reduces high gas fees, and increases transaction speeds without sacrificing security. Ethereum’s merger with Polygon improved the network’s lack of efficiency and scalability and it became more environmentally friendly. It is known as ‘Ethereum’s Internet of Blockchains’ because its primary function is to support the multichain Ethereum […]

Ethereum Merge: Founder Vitalik And Brad Congratulate Team

Ethereum founder and CEO Vitalik Buterin in a tweet congratulated all participants on the recent successful merging of the original Ethereum Mainnnet with a separate Proof-of-Stake Blockchain called Beacon Chain. Vitalik is not alone in the high spirit about the merge, Ripple CEO, Brad Garlinghouse also couldn’t hide his excitement. In a congratulatory tweet, he […]

Best Ways to Use NFTs

Non Fungible Tokens, NFTs, are the rave in the crypto space. Interest in non-fungible tokens has increased ten times higher than it was in 2020. Big celebrities are creating NFTs, the majority of the entertainment industry such as football clubs are creating NFTs. Now, a pair of tweets can be sold for a few tokens. […]

7 Basic Tools for Testing Blockchain Based Applications

  Blockchain applications have become very valuable to organizations and individuals alike. Due to their importance in the day-to-day running of business operations, there is a necessity for continuous checks on these applications. Knowing the nature of blockchain applications, testing becomes imperative to increase usefulness and performance. Blockchain is a decentralized technology, testing creates the […]