Understanding Types of Crypto Tokens And Coins: Beginner’s Guide

Crypto tokens and coins are categorized differently depending on their formation and use cases. As an investor looking to venture into digital assets investment you would like to understand their differences and how they work. While Bitcoin was the first cryptocurrency created in 2009 by a group known as Satoshi Nakamoto, many more were created […]

8 Types of Cryptocurrency Investments You Should Consider

Recently, cryptocurrency investments gained popularity as digital assets became one of the acceptable asset classes. Digital asset values made them popular as trading and investment instruments. According to statistics, over 430 million people currently use or own cryptocurrency worldwide, with 46 million people estimated to own crypto in the United States alone. This number represents […]

Ethereum Merge: Founder Vitalik And Brad Congratulate Team

Ethereum founder and CEO Vitalik Buterin in a tweet congratulated all participants on the recent successful merging of the original Ethereum Mainnnet with a separate Proof-of-Stake Blockchain called Beacon Chain. Vitalik is not alone in the high spirit about the merge, Ripple CEO, Brad Garlinghouse also couldn’t hide his excitement. In a congratulatory tweet, he […]

How to Identify Genuine And Fake Crypto Trading Signals

  The growing interest in cryptocurrency has positioned digital assets to be one of the most sort after investment types. Good signals enable investors to make important trading decisions and maximize profit.  They are rapidly becoming attraction hubs for private investors, taking over stocks and bonds.   According to a survey by Goldman Sachs, 15 […]

Benefits of Using Trading Signals in Crypto Investments

 Trading signals are very useful in crypto investment, they help users close trades and make high profits following simple instructions. Though they can’t be regarded as financial advice, crypto trading signals are simple orders anyone can copy and execute, but the decision to trade is absolutely the trader’s to make. Trading signals are becoming more […]

How to Create Great Portfolio on Coinmarketcap

Coinmarketcap is the largest price tracking website for crypto assets. It provides clear and concise data to the crypto community that enables users to interpret the market, track all assets held in a place and make informed decisions. This platform makes cryptocurrency discoverable globally by empowering retail users with accurate real-time information, to draw informed […]

Signs Bitcoin May Hit 100K Despite Expert Predictions

Despite the recent predictions by a renowned investor, bitcoin continued to soar in price, along with other digital assets. According to reports, an investor, a businessman, and author of the best-selling book, Rich Dad Poor Dad, Robert Kiyosaki, predicted that in October, there will be a big crash in the stock market generally. He went […]