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18 High Paying Jobs in Cryptocurrency and Blockchain

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If you are seeking to land high-paying jobs in the cryptocurrency and blockchain industry, you have come to the right place. Here you will see top jobs in the industry that can allow you to work remotely and on-site. Browse through as we have taken the time to apply for the one you are most qualified for.


One of the requirements to land a great job in cryptocurrency and blockchain is having a good knowledge of the industry. We have a lot of articles on our website to build your knowledge in this industry. 


We also have a crypto educational podcast that can help you increase your knowledge of crypto. Download, listen and share our episodes to build your knowledge in crypto right from the basics.


Here are the top current high-paying jobs in the crypto and blockchain industry.


1. Development Director @ Forte Labs

Forte’s platform allows game publishers to easily integrate blockchain technologies into their games, enabling features such as seamless, embeddable token wallets, non-fungible token (NFT) minting and selling, payment rails, and other services built specifically for blockchain token economies and the management of digital and virtual assets. 

Job Requirements

As a Development Director, you will be responsible for seeing projects through to completion on behalf of our game developer partners.

In collaboration with the broader Forte ecosystem, our Development Director will manage entire project lifecycles, including all meeting and communication requirements.

These projects contribute to product deployment, enabling player communities around the world with safe and intuitive tools to participate in new and creative economic opportunities.

2. Junior Technical Operations Support Engineer @ Keyrock

Keyrock was founded in 2017 and has quickly grown from 3 to over 50 people today. As an industry-recognized liquidity provider and market maker, Keyrock is a leading European creator of algorithmic trading technology in the digital asset space. With VC backing and a constantly expanding global client base, Keyrock is one of Belgium’s fastest-growing fintech companies.

We are looking for:

A testing and business market analyst to provide internal support to Keyrock’s different teams in order to ensure our operations run smoothly. You’ll be responsible for implementing and improving support processes, and for overseeing our internal tools.


NB this is a remote position – we’re looking for candidates who are based in the Asian time zone to provide coverage outside European working hours.


3. Developer Relations @ Web3Auth

Web3Auth provides Frictionless log-ins for Dapps. We work on solving this through a distributed key generation scheme, linking current existing user accounts (e.g. Google accounts) to public-private key pairs – in the long-term becoming the world’s identity platform.

Job Description

A developer relations position is a specific role within a company’s engineering team that is focused on bridging internal and external communications. The developer evangelist typically maintains a presence as an “ambassador” for the company, interacting with the outside world through social media and in person. A developer evangelist is also known as a technology evangelist, technical evangelist, or technology advocate. Your responsibility is essentially going out into the community to spread the news about what Torus is doing, build relationships, and participate in a kind of “developer ecosystem.” Part of this job would often entail communicating with both corporate developers and those working on open-source technologies who are unconnected to a proprietary license product and brand.

4. NETWeb Developer (Full-Stack) @ Etherscan

we are Etherscan — a Block Explorer and Analytics Platform for Ethereum, a decentralized smart contracts platform. The main feature of Etherscan involves crawling the Ethereum public distributed ledger for information on transactions, addresses, smart contracts, and statistics and displaying them to users in an intuitive and easy-to-understand manner.

Job Description

As a Web Developer at Etherscan, you will be able to:

  • Build one of the best blockchain data platforms in the world
  • Create and improve on tools that help developers build new, innovative applications utilizing the Ethereum blockchain
  • Conduct R&D efforts that may be adopted into standards powering the underlying protocols of the network

Other High Paying Jobs @ Etherscan

5. Customer Service Specialist @ Etherscan

Job Description

As a Customer Support Specialist at Etherscan, you will be able to:

  • Assist users from all over the world to navigate Etherscan and Ethereum
  • Write tutorials and explainers simplifying technical content for the average user
  • Learn and explain the latest developments in a fast-growing platform and industry

6. Content Writer @ Etherscan

Job Description

As Content Writer at Etherscan, you will be able to:

  • Increase the accessibility of a leading blockchain data platform to its millions of users
  • Write on topics that are at the forefront of a fast-growing industry
  • Engage with leading projects in the blockchain space

7. Frontend/UI Web Developer @ Etherscan

Job Description

As Frontend/UI Developer at Etherscan, you will be able to:

  • Maintain and update the design of one of the most-used blockchain interfaces in the world
  • Create and improve the user experience of a diverse set of products and features
  • Integrate UX best practices with a novel, fast-moving industry

 8. Content Writer @ Etherscan

         Job Description

         As Content Writer at Etherscan, you will be able to:

  • Increase the accessibility of a leading blockchain data platform to its millions of users
  • Write on topics that are at the forefront of a fast-growing industry
  • Engage with leading projects in the blockchain space

9. System Engineer (Infrastructure) @ Etherscan

Job Description

As a Systems Engineer at Etherscan, you will be able to:

  • Scale-up multiple platforms through exponential growth
  • Maintain uptime of service essential to millions of blockchain users
  • Protect our infrastructure from frequent, inventive attacks


10. Mobile App Developer @ Strips Finance

STRIPS is a bleeding-edge Defi start-up with the goal of creating an efficient and robust marketplace for interest rates and bonds in decentralized finance. Our exchange allows for the trading of interest rate swaps derivatives, allowing users to swap variable interest rates for fixed rates in any yield farm or funding rate.

Job Description and Responsibilities

  • Collaborate with a dynamic team to develop functional mobile applications
  • Involved in the whole process of the application life cycle including ideation, design, development, testing, release, and support based on business and technical requirements
  • Responsible for improving code quality through unit tests, automation, and performing code reviews
  • Develop and maintain the codebase and write unit and UI tests to identify malfunctions
  • Monitor app in production through analytics and feedback


11. Content Writer @ Premia

Premia is a decentralized options platform connecting traders and liquidity providers of all backgrounds. Offering non-custodial options to hedge, speculate, or earn a yield on your digital assets.  Premia offers first-of-its-kind automated market maker solutions in the Defi space for Options Contracts through our use of Smart Liquidity Pools and Dynamic Pricing. 

Job Description

  • Create text content on Defi and crypto derivatives theme
  • Create copy in different writing styles for blogs, social networks, video scripts, websites, dApp
  • Collaborate with graphic designers to create brilliant articles for the Premia ecosystem
  • Assist in content plan development

12. Salesforce Technical Administrator @ TrustToken

TrueFi, launched by TrustToken in November 2020, is the world’s leading uncollateralized lending protocol, offering lenders transparent and competitive earning opportunities and borrowers the ease of fast loans that maximize their capital efficiency. Borrowers build credit scores by using the platform, paving the way for TrueFi’s other innovation: on-chain credit ratings.

Job Requirements

We are looking for someone with a deep understanding of the Salesforce platform, who can help with the expansion of our Salesforce implementation with the help of an outside Salesforce integration team. The Salesforce Technical Administrator should be comfortable with change management and governance, as well as communicating, prioritizing, and managing all aspects of a Salesforce project. The ideal candidate will be happy liaising with stakeholders at all levels, with the ability to translate technical information into layman’s terms, clearly explaining design options and their potential impact.

13. Technical Recruiter @ Alchemy

The Alchemy Platform is a world-class developer platform designed to make building on the blockchain easy. We’ve built leading infrastructure in the space, powering over $30 billion in transactions for tens of millions of users in 99% of countries worldwide.

The Role

As a technical recruiter at Alchemy, you will be in contribute to one of the most important things in the company – building out the team. You’ll be responsible for creating and implementing a process for sourcing, screening, interviewing, and closing technical candidates. It’s important that you’re able to work independently, take initiative, and communicate effectively on behalf of the company.

14. Security + Cryptoeconomics Auditor @ Pantera Capital

Pantera Capital ( is one of the oldest and largest institutional investors in blockchain and cryptocurrencies, with over 100 companies and projects in our portfolio.


We’re looking to bring on part or full-time security and economic auditor for all our portfolio companies to work with. A lot of our biggest investments are token ones, they all regularly need audits and more importantly assistance thinking through various technical and game theory challenges.

15. Marketing and Communication Lead @ Myceluim

            As the Marketing and Communications Lead, you’ll own all initiatives for advancing the Reputation DAO ecosystem and its products. You’ll lead and execute strategy for Reputation’s public-facing brand. This spans many touchpoints and channels, including websites, PR, blogs, social media, etc. We want to build a community around what we do and you will spearhead that effort, working directly with team leads to create our strategy.

Reputation is part of the Mycelium network. Growing since 2018, Mycelium has people distributed across Australia, the US, UK, Canada, EU, Malaysia, Hong Kong, and India, with a commitment to continue expanding. Mycelium incubates big ideas, providing critical nourishment and enriching the protocols to emerge independently. The relationship continues through providing centralized resources to manage legal, financial, recruitment, advisory, capital raising, and research requirements. Creating a network advantage to succeed in web3.

16. Head of Content @ Staking Rewards

In the emerging ecosystem of Staking, Defi, and Crypto Interest, we are creating a platform of trusted information and collaboration.

Are you self-driven, motivated, and love conceptualizing the crypto space? Crypto, Journalism, and Blogging in your daily life? We are looking for a proactive Editor-in-Chief to lead the content and research strategy around yield-generating digital assets.

Job Responsibilities

  • Design a Content Strategy (Articles, Research, Newsletter, Videos, and more)
  • Write compelling stories & data-driven research around Staking
  • Script videos with high-quality research
  • Understand the audience & address different types of persona
  • Lead a team of content writers & analysts
  • Copy edit and proof check articles
  • Promote Staking Rewards as the market leader in staking data & research

17. General Applicant Job @ OpenZeppelin

OpenZeppelin is a leading cybersecurity company that provides security products to build, automate, and operate decentralized applications.

With a mission to protect the open economy, our team created the most popular open-source library for smart contract development with over 4 million downloads. 

Job Description

With the success of our products, security audit work, and open-source educational efforts, we are setting industry standards for building secure systems in a fast-growing industry that is creating an open financial system for the world.

Please submit your resume and tell us how you would like to contribute and why you are a good fit. We´ll keep your resume and reach out if any opportunities arise in the future.

18. Sales Engineer @ r3

R3 is an enterprise blockchain software firm working with a broad ecosystem of more than 300 members and partners across multiple industries from both the private and public sectors to develop Corda, our open-source blockchain platform, and Corda Enterprise, a commercial version for enterprise usage.

Our global team of over 350 professionals in 13 countries is supported by over 2,000 technology, financial, and legal experts drawn from our global member base.


Sales Engineering is responsible for engaging with customers, partners, and prospects to position our products in various markets and drive adoption. We provide technical expertise and domain knowledge throughout the sales process including presentations and demos, requirements gathering, business case analysis, RFP responses, solution proposals, and high-level designs.

You will:

Provide direction and specialist knowledge in applying R3s products to client business domains

Facilitation of customer product/application understanding through presentations, demonstrations, and benchmarks

Provision of support throughout the sell

Provide support to adjacent functions such as Sales Development, Professional Services, and Marketing


These are high-paying jobs from big crypto and blockchain companies. Please, don’t waste time applying if you think you are qualified, and let us know if you got the job.

Note: To be successful in landing high-paying jobs in crypto and blockchain, you need to have a good knowledge of the industry. We recommend that you listen to our crypto educational podcast to increase your knowledge of cryptocurrency. Here are our recent episodes:

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