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20 Best Investment Analytical Tools For Beginners in 2024

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Starting an investment could be a little bit of a challenge especially when you are trying out for the first time. It could be to upgrade your financial life or recover from a financial loss or bankruptcy. In any case, the first thing to consider is how to make better investment decisions to grow your wealth. If you are not just starting out, you may need to advance in your investment and have a better experience.

Using good investment platforms and analytical tools is the leading way to having a successful investment. Some of these tools are applications, resources, and software designed to help you achieve your investment goals. They are easy to start with and can increase your investing knowledge.

Before using any tool or platform, I recommend that you get more knowledge of investing, the best strategies, and the skills required to make better investment decisions. Having a holistic knowledge of your area of investment will help you develop better investment psychology to minimize losses and maximize profits.

All the apps, tools, platforms, and services recommended in this article can be used by both beginner and experienced investors.

The desire of every investor should be to make better investment decisions, minimize losses, and maximize profits.

To achieve this, I will recommend a course that teaches investment strategies and analytical skills required to maximize profits. This course teaches how to avoid all the pitfalls in investing in the finance and fintech industry.  Understanding the terrain of investment, strategies, and analytical skills is required before you can get on with any investment platform or use any analytical tool.

Best Investment And Analytical Tools

Investment tools and applications are growing in popularity because of their usefulness. They help you learn about the markets, manage your portfolio, trade stocks, and monitor your account in real-time. All these apps and platforms are great for beginners and can handle certain financial routines.

1. Financial Modeling Prep – Best For Financial Data API

Financial Modeling Prep provides accurate financial data API and standardized financial statements audited and updated in real time. It provides real-time stock prices and covers the fundamental data part of the stocks with an income statement, balance sheet, and cash flow statement, quarterly and annually.


Real-time and historical financial data: The API provides access to a wide range of financial data, including stock prices, company financial statements, economic indicators, and more.

Global coverage: It offers data for companies listed on major stock exchanges worldwide, making it suitable for international financial analysis.

 Easy integration: The API is designed to be easy to integrate into various applications and platforms, with support for multiple programming languages. 

Customizable data retrieval: Users can specify the data they need, such as specific financial ratios, key performance indicators, or specific periods.

 Data enrichment: The API provides additional data points, such as market capitalization, dividend yield, and earnings per share, to enhance financial analysis. 

Developer-friendly documentation: Financial Modeling Prep API offers comprehensive documentation, including code examples and tutorials, to assist developers in utilizing the API effectively. 

Support: Financial Modeling Prep API offers support to users through documentation, FAQs, and a support team to address any issues or queries. 

Data accuracy: While the API strives to provide accurate financial data, users should know that occasional discrepancies or delays may occur due to external data sources. 

Security: Financial Modeling Prep API ensures data security through encryption and follows industry-standard security practices to protect user information.


Financial Modeling Prep offers both free and cost-effective paid plan


Plan Basic  Starter Premium Ultimate
Price Free $19/Monthly Billed annually $49/MonthlyBilled annually $99/MonthlyBilled annually
Discount N/A Annual – 25% Annual -25% Annual -25%
  • End of Day Data
  • 250 calls/day
  • 5 Year Historical Data
  • Fundamental Data *
  • Market Data *
  • Real-time Data
  • 300 API Calls / Min
  • 30+ Year Historical Data
  • Fundamental Data
  • Market Data
  • Real-time Data
  • 750 API Calls / Min
  • 30+ Year Historical Data
  • Fundamental Data
  • Market Data
  • Advanced-Data
  • WebSocket
  • Corporate Filings
  • Bulk and Batch Delivery
  • Real-time Data
  • 3,000 API Calls / Min
  • 30+ Years of Historical Data
  • Fundamental Data
  • Market Data
  • Advanced-Data
  • Corporate Filings
  • Fund & ETF Data
  • ESG Data
  • WebSocket
  • Bulk and Batch Delivery

Get the paid plans for the best result.

2. Blackbull – Best Platform for Forex, Shares And Commodity Trading

Blackbull Markets provides traders with a superior trading experience through innovative technology and exceptional customer service. It provides access to hundreds of different markets for traders who want to diversify their portfolios after outgrowing their traditional investing platforms. 

If you are looking to start forex or commodity trading Blackbull provides all the assistance you need to start and grow your investment.

Blackbull offers different accounts for beginner traders, experienced and high-volume traders. Users can receive free trading view essentials and free first-class charting tools.

Standard Account: Perfect for those beginning trading

Prime Account: Best for experienced traders

Institutional Account: Perfect for high-volume traders

Out of the three accounts, prime is the most popular because, the commission rate, 6%, is higher than the Institutional account.

Here’s a comparison of the accounts

Compare Accounts Standard Account Prime Account Institutional Account
Spread (pips) From 0.8 From 0.1 From 0.0
Commission No Commission US$6.00 per lot US$4.00 per lot
Minimum Deposit US$0 US$2,000 US$20,000
Equinix Server NY4/LD5 NY4/LD5 Custom Options
Minimum Trade Size 0.01 lots 0.01 lots 0.01 lots
Leverage Up to 1:500 Up to 1:500 Up to 1:500
Swap Free Available Available Available

3. Lenme – Best Peer 2 Peer Lending App

Lenme makes it easier to start investing lending money and earning interest. Lenme is a peer-to-peer lending platform. It connects borrowers with financial institutions, lending businesses, and individuals so that they can get the money they need all via an app. It helps users never run out of cash by offering borrowers the flexibility to request a loan on their terms and get funded as quickly as the next day. As well as giving lenders thousands of data points on each borrower so they can offer better rates. Better data, cheaper access to borrowers, and low-cost loan servicing equal lower rates. 

Amazing Features

  • No investment minimums or withdrawal fees. 
  • Fund as little or as much as you want. 
  • And for borrowers owning crypto, Lenme helps them request bigger loans backed up by their crypto-currency and loans that can reach up to $10,000.
  • It has LenmePredict, the company’s proprietary ML-based risk management algorithm that improves loan performance, both at the individual borrower and portfolio levels, further enhancing the company’s industry-leading risk-adjusted rates of return.
  • Borrowers can access quick, instant, and hassle-free loans that can reach up to $5,000 no matter what their credit score is in a few 3 simple clicks, while lenders enjoy attractive returns on their investments with the luxury to set their interest rates and control their earnings.

4. Rich Dad World – Best For Financial And Investment Education

Rich Dad World offers a FREE webinar to educate people on investment, where the customer will join a live stream with about 45 minutes of financial education content.

About the Webinar

All new webinars Feature Robert Kiyosaki, Kim Kiyosaki, Tom Wheelwright, Dr. Nomi Prins, Gerald Celente, & Chris Steele. 

Instant Registration Bonus

Get Robert’s newest book before it goes to print! You’ll get instant access to download a FREE copy of Rich Dad’s Real Estate Cash Flow. Over 200 pages packed with proven strategies to help you boost your monthly cash flow and create long-term wealth through real estate

All attendees will get a FREE video training by one of Robert’s certified investing coaches who will show you how he finds cash-flowing investments. This 25-minute training could help you make a lot of money as an investor.

5. The Trading Analyst – Best For Trading Alerts

The Trading Analyst is an options trading alert service that employs a proven strategy used with swing trading. The Trading Analyst sends you complete alerts, with clear entry and exit points. Alerts are sent in real-time via email, text message, and Telegram, with everything included.

It uses multiple trading systems to ensure you’ll get alerts regardless of the current market environment. The swing trading system usually provides 1-2 alerts per month with a 3-30 day holding period, while the momentum trading system typically provides 2-5 alerts per week which are held anywhere from one hour to three days.

6. SuperMoney – Best For Financial Comparison

SuperMoney helps people compare financial services. Millions of people shop for loans, investments, and other financial-related products with this platform. As a financial services aggregator, SuperMoney partners with the world’s leading banks and financial service companies to empower consumers with a KAYAK-like comparison shopping experience.

SuperMoney makes financial comparison shopping easy. Compare rates, terms, and features on thousands of financial products and services in one place.

7. The Motley Fool – Best For Stock Picks And Expert Recommendations 

The Motley Fool helps millions of people attain financial freedom through education on their websites, podcasts, books, newspaper columns, radio shows, mutual funds, and premium investing services. 

It’s a stock advisory picking service created by experts of The Motley Fool. The service is for long-term investors and intermediate investors. Members can receive stock picks, analysis, investing recommendations, and resources monthly. 

Pricing – $199 per Year

This service is best for investors, you pay a yearly subscription and get two new stock picks every month and access to expert recommendations.

8. Acorns – Best For Saving And Investing

Acorns offers a micro-investing app that helps people save and invest for their future. It is one of the most popular saving and investing apps because of how easy it is to use. Over 3 million Americans use Acorns to help set aside a little from their everyday purchases.

The minimum savings balance can be $0 but $5 to start investing.

How it Works

All you need is to link a debit card to your account, Acorns will sum up the total on purchase to the next dollar and invest the difference into one of a few ETF portfolios.

Acorns choose your investment portfolio based on the targetted time, normally calculated at age 59 and a half.


There are different accounts to choose from, the personal account costs $3 per month. This includes the investment account and the individual retirement account (IRA), a metal debit card, and more. 

This account tier also offers an FDIC-protected checking account at no extra cost and free access to thousands of ATMs.

For $5 a month, you can add the Acorns family, which includes the features of a personal account and an interest-bearing bank account. 

For $9 a month, you will get the benefits of the personal account plus the right to buy individual stocks and investment accounts for kids.

9. MoneyFarm UK – Best For Investment Advice

Moneyfarm is a robo-advisor and digital wealth manager that launched in 2012 in both the UK and Italy. MoneyFarm allows clients to invest their savings online and suggests different medium to long-term investment portfolios, composed of a variety of financial products.

MoneyFarm helps you navigate the world of investing and achieve your life goals through financial success. It aims to make investing simpler with a lot on the plate.

It offers various ways to build your wealth with different accounts.

Share Investing Account – Stock And Shares ISA

This account allows you to invest up to £20,000 every year with tax-free growth. You can choose an expertly managed portfolio or build your own with a Share Investing account.

General Investment Account

This account offers you multiple choices and more opportunities. It allows you to have unlimited contributions,  quick access to your money, and even open different portfolios for different goals.

Junior ISA

This helps to start early investing for your child and give their wealth more time to grow. The JISA has a £9,000 tax-free allowance each year and sustainable portfolio options.


The pension account helps you to retire your way, with an expertly managed pension tailored to your needs and goals. You will get up to 45% tax relief, free pension drawdown, and expert guidance when you need it.

What You Will Get

  • Asset Allocation team that builds your portfolio using cost-efficient ETFs and regularly rebalances it based on your goals and risk appetite.
  • low-cost, hands-off investing solution. Fixed allocation portfolios built from the same cost-efficient ETFs and managed portfolios with a simpler, passive approach to management.
  • An ideal solution for short-term cash management and low-risk investing.
  • The extensive world of stock market investing at your fingertips

10. LuxAlgo – Best For Trading Indicator

Lux Algo is a company specializing in the creation of technical trading tools designed to help traders of every market. It provides next-gen trading indicators worldwide for smarter trading. The AI solution world on any device with real-time data, a fully automated price action toolkit with advanced indicators made from community feedback.

LuxAlgo provides thousands of automated alerts, full-screeners, user strategies, and active updates to optimize your analysis from the 15,000+ member community.


LuxAlgo has three subscription plans that offer a 35% to 50% discount for annual payments, see the table below.

Plan Essential Premium Ultimate
Price $24.99/Monthly$299.88/yearly $39.99/Monthly$479.88/yearly $59.99/Monthly$719.88/yearly
Discount (only for a yearly subscription) 35% 40% (popular) 50%
  • Price action concept tookit+ screener
  • Community access with price action alerts
  • User strategies and setups are shared weekly
  • 24/7 support and active indicator updates
  • 30-day money-back guarantee
All features from Essential plus

  • Signals and overlays toolkit+ screener
  • Oscillator matrix toolkit+ screener
  • Community access with scanners and bots
All features from essential and premium plus

  • All 3 backtesting system strategy scripts
  • Community access with scanners, bots, and backtesting
  • User strategy, setup and backtest shared weekly

11. Wealthsimple – Best For Investment Guide

Wealthsimple is the simplest way to invest like the world’s smartest investors. It builds you a custom plan and shows you how much you can have in the future in just five munites. Over 30,000 clients trust Wealthsimple to manage more than $1 billion. 

It offers smart investing products and personalized advice to build long-term wealth. Sophisticated investment opportunities are traditionally reserved for industry insiders and the ultra-wealthy with low-investing fees and high-interest savings. 

This investment service is professionally managed and tailored to your goals to diversify your investments, maximize returns, and minimize risks. It allows you to take full control of your trade and choose from thousands of commission-free stocks and ETFs or buy, sell, and stake 60+ cryptocurrencies.


Bringing all your investments to Wealthsimple will give you access to special perks included in two packages, see the table below.

Package Premium Generation
Asset $100,000 $500,000
Interest 4.5% on cash account 5% on cash account
Mgt fee 0.4% on managed investing account 0.2% – 0.4% on managed investing account
Account management Goal setting with an advisor  A dedicated team of advisors

12. CapTrader – Best Online Broker

CapTrader gives you access to more than 120 exchanges worldwide on fair and very competitive terms for trading in more than 1 million securities such as futures, options, ETFs, stocks, and many other trading instruments. It’s an online brokerage for investors and traders who want the optimum in global stock market trading with better offers, conditions, and technology.

CapTrader offers you access to an infrastructure that easily processes more than a million securities transactions every day. The technology behind it automatically routes your order to the best execution in a fraction of a second. 

Fair Conditions

Trade futures from just 1 euro & options from 2 euros per contract including all exchange fees. You can trade European stocks from 2 euros per order, and US stocks from just 2 USD per order.

CapTrader offers you access to an infrastructure that easily processes more than a million securities transactions every day. The technology behind it automatically routes your order to the best execution in a fraction of a second.


  • Professional trading tools
  • Excellent trading app
  • Free use of AgenaTrader
  • Market reports & analysis
  • Training videos on our trading platforms
  • Webinars with top speakers
  • Exclusive customer area (CapTrader Plus)

13. MarketXLS – Best for Stock Research And Investment

MarketXLS is an Excel-based software that makes it easy to research, track, and invest in the stock market.

Along with access to reliable stock data, MarketXLS is packed with many powerful tools, and utilities that any stock trader or investor will appreciate. 

It can help you scan stocks on fundamental, technical, and price indicators like revenue, returns, dividends, earnings, SMA, RSI, price, volume, etc.


  • Streamline stock data or refresh on demand
  • Real-time stock options prices
  • Option filtering and scanning
  • Track manage and optimize your portfolio
  • Historical stock and historical options data in an Excel
  • Perform technical analysis like a pro
  • Stock and option prices in Google sheet
  • Amazing charts
  • Crypto data in Excel
  • Screen stock that makes money 


Plan Standard (Best value) Advanced(Most Popular) Premium(Recommended)
Price $56/Monthly$675/Yearly $94/Monthly$1125/Yearly $150/Monthly$1800/Yearly
Discount Save $225 on yearly payment Save $375 on yearly payment Save $600 on yearly payment
  • Includes data and exchange fee
  • For investors who need to update their portfolios and analyze their trading strategies
  • Available for none professional users
  • Includes data and exchange fee
  • For investors who need streaming data in excel
  • Available for none professional users
  • Includes data and exchanges fees
  • For sophisticated investors who want personalized VIP support
  • Available for professional and none professional users

14. BitIRA – Best For Crypto Retirement Savang And Investment Plan

BitIRA helps Americans purchase digital currencies, such as Bitcoin, Ethereum, Ripple, and more, for placement within an IRA. By making such a move, customers can tap their retirement savings into the massive growth potential of cryptocurrencies, all on a tax-deferred basis.

BitIRA claims to be the world’s most digital currency IRA that offers a fully insured cold storage solution.

15. Trading Lessons – {Digital Product} Best Digital Product

Trading Lesson is a guide that teaches users how to trade with simple, proven strategies that will help manage risk, cut losses, and define targets for consistent results trade after trade.

It helps students with detailed explanations and insights and strives to assist every student regardless of skill level in learning to minimize their risk and adapt to rapidly changing market conditions.

Students can have access to hundreds of trading lessons, lecture videos, and quizzes to test their understanding at the end of every unit, charting examples, trading strategies, techniques & tips; and everything you need to know to master the trading game in the shortest time possible.


  • It is a reliable and up-to-date source of information and knowledge delivered by leading experts.
  • Lessons cover everything from basic concepts in trading to more complex trading ideas and strategies.
  • Well-structured and organized lessons for you to learn on the go and from anywhere.

16. PairTradeFinder – Best For Pair Trading

PairTradeFinder PRO trading software has supported billions of backtests and millions of pair trades worldwide. Created over 15 years by highly profitable hedge fund managers, PTF PRO gives traders an “edge” using a proven platform to trade “long or short” a.k.a. “pair trading”, protected from market crashes and big account drawdowns. 

Pair trading has been demonstrated effective in all market conditions. PTF PRO is easy to learn and use, offering an acclaimed 4-hour, 14-lesson Pair Trading Course taught by professional pair traders as part of a new subscription. A huge value-add to new and seasoned traders alike, initiating them in the art of stock pair trading. 


PTF PRO retails under an Annual Subscription only for $659 per year. There is an upsell offered that can increase this fee to $857 per year. The funnel offers a free Webinar, a 25% discount, and a 15-day free trial to new subscribers and, after payment at the end of the 15 days, we offer an additional 30-day money-back guarantee. 

Customers are risk-free to use and gain confidence in PRO, resulting in a high conversion rate to paying subscribers. 

17.  Empower – Personal Capital – Best For Wealth Management

Empower is wealth management for the Internet Age. Their online platform combines digital technology with highly personalized service to provide a holistic view of a unique financial picture. Besides paid investment management and advisory services, this platform offers other free tools and calculators that can help you from net worth tracking to savings and retirement planning.

It provides a free dashboard where you can connect and view all your other apps and brokerage firms and monitor their performances over time with simple charts.


Empower offers its service to people with $100,000 or more of investable assets at a fee that starts at 0.89% of assets under management.

18. Benzinga – Best For Investment Research

Benzinga is a streaming platform with all the information you need to invest smarter. An intuitively designed workspace to deliver powerful market insight. This service helps you save time finding the information you need using keyword search to retrieve headlines that tell you the story.

Benzinga Pro delivers traders inside access to save time, energy, and screen space. Customers can lead the market and take charge of their financial ventures with Benzinga Pro


Plan Basic Essential Option Mentorship
Price $37/Monthly $197/Monthly $457/Monthly
Features Every free feature plus:

  • Nasdaq Basic (Real Time Quotes)
  • Full Newsfeed
  • Chat
  • Movers
  • Watchlist Alerts
  • Benzinga Premium Articles
Every Basic Feature plus:

  • Nasdaq Basic (Real Time Quotes)
  • Advanced Newsfeed
  • Real-Time Scanner
  • Audio Squawk (Equity, Options)
  • Calendar
  • Signals
  • Unusual Options Activity
  • Special bonuses
Every Essential Feature Plus:

  • Trading Mentorship & Education from Leading Trader, Nic Chahine
  • Access to the Options Inner Circle Chat Room
  • Regular Market Overview to Match Nic’s Winning Trading Strategy

19. eToro – Best Innovative Investment Tool

eToro is built for modern investors and provides a regular market overview to match Nic’s Winning Trading Strategy. With innovative investment tools and a collaborative trading community smart investing tools, multiple assets, and a social community, eToro is the investing app built for today.

It offers you a virtual portfolio where you can play around with $100K (in virtual money) to explore, learn, and hone your skills — before investing a single (real) cent.

20. VestorVest – Best for Technical And Fundamental Analysis, Trade Signals

VestorVest is a cutting-edge system that combines industry-leading research, analytics, and insights. Powered by advanced algorithms and the expertise of a dedicated team, VectorVest helps investors find, evaluate, and monitor investments tailored to their needs. VectorVest tells you when to buy, what to buy, and when to sell. It’s that simple. It provides unbiased, independent answers to your investing questions. What stocks should you buy? Is it now a good time to buy? When should you consider taking profits?

How to Start

It’s risk-free and you can start with just a $9.95 trial per month now.

In conclusion, navigating the vast landscape of investment opportunities becomes more accessible for beginners with the aid of diverse platforms and analytical tools. The 20 highlighted in this exploration stand out for their user-friendly interfaces, educational resources, and robust analytics. Whether one seeks to delve into stocks, cryptocurrencies, or other financial instruments, these platforms provide a solid foundation for informed decision-making. As beginners embark on their investment journey, the availability of such user-centric tools empowers them to make strategic choices, fostering financial literacy and setting the stage for a prosperous investment future.

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