MYID Coin Money Project Will Offset Inflation Loss

My Identity Coin

My Identity Coin

My Identity Coin internationally compliant blockchain-based project ‘ The Money Project’ is a first of its kind. It aims to control the finance system, exchange, and payment processing using a genuine decentralized system.

MYID coin will bring back the use of real money through a living reactive decentralized autonomous organization that operates across the globe to remove the fiat currency and all its associated problems. The Money Project aims to restore trusted and valuable money that is backed by real assets and investments. This value-based money will be able to beat the high inflation rates because it is backed up by stable assets. 

Globally, MYID money will be accepted since it has the strength and value to withstand threats and undue control.

Inflation is a risk that can have a great effect on the economy. It is a risk because it makes money lose its value, causing a rise in prices, high cost of living borrowing, and mortgages. Prolong unregulated monetary policy is viewed as the major cause of inflation. Though it is often viewed as a monetary policy tool to pump back money into circulation, it is generally a period of unfavorable economy, where there are much money and fewer goods.

According to the International Monetary Fund report, inflation is the number 1 enemy of the United States and the world economy. It describes the central bank as ‘inflation hawks’ most of the tools used by the central bank to control the economy can induce inflation.

Strategies Adopted By MYID Coin to Restore the Use of Real Money

MYID coin software for payment and verification will be structured to create a better way for changing technology needs. This will provide clarity of uncertain security navigations and ensure compliance. MYID coin is a utility token used for tagging cryptographic blocks using the owner’s identification code. This standard crypto coin aims to operate on its blockchain. Though it is currently a TRC21 token of tomochain will migrate to its blockchain before the launch of beta testing for OKGlobal coin Switch instant payment platform.

MIYID coin is backed by solid real-world assets, unlike most digital assets that have their values based on speculations. OkGlobal coin holds a strong value, it is used in daily purchases and financial services. This coin is backed by a strong value, it can never lose all value like the other cryptos. It will be used to solve a real-word problem, alter the traditional banking procedure through profit sharing.

The Money Project will alter how the banks and other financial institutions have been making money with people’s funds without sharing the profit. This project aims to ensure profit is equitably distributed to participating members who hold OKGlobal coin since profit was generated using their money.

MYID Coin is a viable crypto project to invest in, please read the notes below.

Points to Note 

MYID coin is available on UNISWAP, there is no lock-in period. The general public can participate in the ICO offering. A reserve of 40% is for the team and participants of the OkGlobal project, “The Money Project” campaign. The remaining 60% will be sold via ICO to the public. Proceed from the ICO will be used for maintaining and securing MYID coin platform and technology.

Notes to Investors

MYID coins are 100% utility coins, there is no guarantee for any investment made in these coins. All utility coins are high-risk investments and investors may face the risk of losing all their investment. Investors must consider the risk involved and make a thorough research before making any investment.

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