How to Create Great Portfolio on Coinmarketcap -

How to Create Great Portfolio on Coinmarketcap

Coinmarketcap Portfolio

Coinmarketcap is the largest price tracking website for crypto assets. It provides clear and concise data to the crypto community that enables users to interpret the market, track all assets held in a place and make informed decisions. This platform makes cryptocurrency discoverable globally by empowering retail users with accurate real-time information, to draw informed conclusions on asset management.

But there are more to the services offered by this world’s most referenced crypto platform. If you have crypto assets scattered across crypto exchanges, the platform offers you the opportunity to track all your crypto assets from one place when you create a portfolio.

What is CoinmarketCap Portfolio?

 Coinmarketcap Portfolio is a place you can track all your crypto asset holdings, and ensure you don’t lose your investments. If you have a crypto investment on Binance, Coinbase, and a few other exchanges, it may be hard to keep a clear record of the coins or tokens you have all over the exchanges. 

Coinmarketcap allows users to monitor their crypto holdings from Laptops, by creating different portfolios to track various coins and tokens. Having portfolios on the Coinmarketcap platform can help you avoid these three things:

  • Losing control of your crypto investments
  • Losing any of your crypto assets
  • Missing the best timing to sell your cryptocurrencies

How Does Coinmarketcap Portfolio Work?

In July 2021, Coinmarketcap added another feature to its platform. This new feature is a portfolio tool that allows users to input crypto investment records. It uses Coinmarketcap data and techniques to help users analyze investment value, profit, and loss.

The method of recording using this tool only allows users to input all the transaction details in the portfolio. And it is just for record-keeping, you are not required to transfer any funds to Coinmarketcap. The portfolio is basically for analysis and record keeping. 

How to Create a Portfolio on Coinmarketcap

Creating a portfolio on Coinmarketcap is very simple and easy to do. The first thing you need to do is to create an account on, log in to your account and you will be able to create a portfolio. If you already have an account on, you can follow these simple steps to create a portfolio. 

Step One

Go to, enter your login details to get to your account. You may be prompted to verify that you are not a bot, choose the images carefully to be verified.

Step Two

Coinmarketcap Portfolio in the navigation menu

Once you have logged in, on the navigation menu, click “Portfolio” and another page will open for you to create your portfolio.

Step Three

Create coinmarketcap portfolio  Create coinmarketcap portfolio

On the next page, click “create portfolio” you can see it circled on the screen. When the create page opens, fill in the name of your new portfolio and click the ‘create’ button.

Step Four

Add new coin to portfolio

Now you are ready to add a new coin, click the “Add New’ button to add a new coin or token. Check the drop-down list for the coin or token you wish to add to your portfolio or type the name of the coin in the search bar.

Step Five

Choose the coin to add to portfolio    Add transaction

Choose the coin you want to add, you will see the current price in the price box. All you need to do now is type in the ‘quantity’ box the amount of coin or token you have. The total value of the coin will show once the quantity is added, click the ‘add transaction’ button to add the coin.

Step Six

View transactions

You can view your portfolio and your asset balance.

How to Create Multiple Portfolios

Adding more portfolios to your Coinmarket account is very simple, you can even do this on a desktop. Follow the same steps you used before and log in, you will see a box with a portfolio in it, click on “create portfolio’ to add a new portfolio to your account, it’s that easy.

Benefits of Creating a Portfolio on Coinmarketcap

Having a portfolio on Coinmarketcap has a lot of benefits, besides helping you to track all your asset holdings in one place you can also benefit in other ways.

Displays Current Balance, Chart, And Summary

A CMC portfolio allows you to view the current balance of your current asset holding, and current price to calculate the amount. It also shows you the changes in the last 24 hours and the percentage change. At a single view, the CMC portfolio can display along with the current balance, a line chart showing changes in the balance value over time.

 Check Your Investment Composition

Since the CMC portfolio allows you to track coins from different platforms, you can also check the composition of your investment in different coins by clicking the “Allocation” tab on the summary section.

Please note that when you add a new transaction or edit an existing transaction, it will take a little while for the line chart and the allocation chart to recalculate the balance. So, don’t be in a hurry to conclude there is an error if the right balance doesn’t show, you need to give the system a little time.

Displays Summary Statistics of Investment

You will be able to check the summary stats of your crypto investments by clicking on the ‘Statistics’ tab. It will show you the total profit and loss of your crypto assets and the profit and loss percentage from the time you made your first purchase. You can also see the best performing and worst performing among your crypto assets as well as their P&L and P&L percentages.

Displays Asset Holding List

To find a list of all coins/tokens you have added to your portfolio, check under ‘Holdings’ at the right hand of the page. You can view the current price of the asset, percentage of price change in 24 hours, the current value in cryptocurrency and the original currency, profit, and loss of each asset as well as percentage of profit and loss.

Asset Transaction Details

You will be able to view your crypto asset transaction details by clicking on the line of the coin or token. This will bring you to the page showing the transaction details. It will display the balance of your crypto assets based on the current price, 24 hours percentage change, and the total P$L. You can edit transaction details, add new transactions and remove transactions you don’t want.

To use the privacy mode, click on the eye icon this will enable you to hide your portfolio values such as total assets and individual asset holdings. When you click the icon again, it unlocks the privacy mode and shows you all the transactions and data available.

Coinmarketcap portfolio is a wonderful tool for crypto investors to manage asset holdings, and monitor price actions. Do you have a Coinmarketcap app on your iOS or Android phone? You can access and view your account when you sign in with data fully synched across the platforms.



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