How to Avoid Crypto Investment Scams: Pump And Dump

Avoid crypto investment scam

How to avoid crypto investment scams

The major part of the crypto investment, industry trends, ratings, and price actions are based on hype. Some of the investment decisions are made based on pump and dump characterized by Whale influences. Investors’ decisions are sometimes based on this trend instead of the real position of crypto coins and tokens. This has resulted in high levels of losses to investors and scared off new ones who see crypto investments as scams.


Some self-organized groups known as pump-and-dump groups promote certain coins on social platforms like Telegram and Discord luring gullible investors to commit their money. The aim is to make more people buy particular digital assets by artificially inflating prices and spreading wrong information.


Investors have had different bad experiences through this scheme losing all their investments and some quit trying. These sorts of activities brand crypto an investment where losses come easier than gains.


The good news is that making continuous losses in crypto investments can be avoided only if you can keep away from pump and dump, or scams. You will be able to do this if you take out time to learn more about cryptocurrency and how things work in the industry, though it requires some knowledge and technicality.


Investors can be empowered with knowledge of how to identify genuine crypto investments and avoid scams. I have created a course specifically for this. 


This course, Strategies to Identify Genuine Crypto Investments And Avoid Scams, is a one-hour course designed to help students learn how to make profitable crypto investments. Students will be able to understand the different types of crypto coins/tokens and their investment values. They will learn how to make the best investment choices and avoid scams,  understand the challenges facing crypto projects, and how these can affect investment decisions.


It contains 7 modules with 15 lessons, each lesson is 4 minutes. There is also a list of genuine investable crypto coins/tokens to help you in making your choices. Plus you will join our Facebook group where we update members about the right coins, tokens, and other crypto investments.

  • You will learn the difference between crypto tokens/coins
  • How to choose and analyze investable tokens and coins
  • How to identify crypto scams, pumps, and dumps
  • How to value investable tokens and coins
  • How to rate coin performance
  • How to increase profitability in crypto investments
  • How to secure your investments

Crypto investors can make better investment choices if they avoid scams and pump and dump, in this course students will learn how to assess investments and determine their values. After the course, they will be in a position to evaluate crypto projects, make better investment decisions, and maximize profits.

This course is valued at $149, but on pre-sell for $50 only till December 15, the price will increase after pre-sell.

Course link or an access code will be delivered to your email after purchase.


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