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7 Best NFT Analytical Tools to Track Performance

When you set up your NFT wallet or account, the next step is ensuring that you have the proper NFT analytical tools on hand and at your disposal so that you can track the performance of your investment.  A good one will not only track volume, and sales average prices but also report on the highest sale over a monthly, daily or even hourly basis.  If you invested in a variety of NFTs, the tool will be invaluable in keeping you apprised on how they’re performing on a schedule and frequency you determine.  And for future potential investments, it can also monitor and deliver the same analyses.  Here are some of the top ones.

  1. DappRadar

By definition, Dapps are decentralized apps operating on a blockchain.  And true to its characterization, DappsRadar is one of the most popular platforms in the marketplace today.  Users like it because they can find and track all their purchases and stay in touch with the latest goings-on in the field. 

This means that you can even track games, casinos, dex’s, and DeFis (public blockchain financial services).  What makes DappRadar especially appealing is that users can also hook up their crypto wallets and observe the performance and price of their NFTs.   

2. Kubera

For an even more diverse portfolio, Kubera offers an all-in-one net worth tracker.  Imagine the power and scope of being able to access and analyze everything from stocks and mutual funds from the major exchanges, not just in the U.S., but also in Asia, Canada, Europe, Australia, and the United Kingdom along with one’s NFTs and just about any other financial account.  Since Kubera supports most global currencies, users can add Euros, francs, yen, and others to their wallets along with their bitcoins.

Another valuable feature of Kubera is that it can show an investor’s portfolio over a period of time.  Users can designate whether they wish to see it daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly, or annually.  Real-time charts show how one’s assets and debts performed over time. 

Knowing one’s rate of return is critical to any investor.  After being asked to look at contributions and withdrawals, Kubera will report on an investor’s rate of return for the timeframe requested.  The program also has the sophistication to review indices like the Dow Jones or S&P 500 and benchmark one’s investments against them.  Investors who rely on financial planners/advisors or CPAs also have the confidence in knowing they can also share read-only data with them.

3. DeBank

DeBank works with investors focused on Defi or decentralized finance.  This diverse option to banks assists folks who borrow or lend by comparing rates and analyzing risks.  As such, it currently scrutinizes nearly two dozen of the most popular blockchain networks like Ethereum, Polygon, and BSC.  On Ethereum alone, it supports more than four hundred collections. 

Investors interested in monitoring NFTs across a variety of protocols and blockchains will find this platform quite valuable.  Not only is it capable of looking at hundreds of Defi projects, but it can also evaluate rates and assess risk. 

4. ArtCentral.io

Seeking an NFT tracker that’s focused on analytics?  ArtCentral.io is the first and one of the strongest analytics tools for NFT investors. 

Central to its purpose is its Marketplace Explorer.  This is where literally millions of digital art pieces that are for sale in numerous marketplaces can be seen and analyzed.  ArtCentral.io utilizes its machine-learning Advanced NFT Appraisals Algorithm to not only discover art that’s underpriced but can also be helpful in detecting trends in the art community.  It publishes a calendar about what artists in their network will soon be releasing, as well as a transaction leaderboard.  For investors, their portfolio tracker assists by reporting on profits, losses, and the value of the investor’s portfolio. 

5. NFTBank.ai

Here’s a platform that is different. NFTBank.ai will advise investors on how much it thinks their platforms should be worth.  It does this through an algorithm that looks at every NFT in a collection.  Taking the latest prices in the marketplace, it then ascertains the rarity and parts individually before checking the investor’s NFT and then determining how much it should be valued based on current market conditions and values.  The program also takes into consideration the investor’s portfolio.  And while it can be problematic to accurately determine the price for rare art, NFTBank.ai could still be a good source in which to check the value of one’s NFT before selling.

6. Artcentral.io

Some critics suggest that this may be one of the best data analytic sites.  A couple of the reasons cited include Artcentral having a unique portfolio that not only analyzes how the market is performing but also a tracker that will estimate profits and losses as well.  Like several other competitors, it has a notable calendar but also a leaderboard.  The latter affords subscribers a way to observe and learn what leading collections are doing to stay ahead of the field in real-time.  The portfolio tracker that is also included allows investors to follow along.

7. Bitscrunch

Ensuring one’s investment is always critical, especially in today’s changing environment of scams.  Bitscrunch’s system not only concentrates on a machine learning AI system to discover value but also uncovers forgeries.  If in doubt about whether or not the art or content is indeed original or even stolen, checking with Bitscrunch could afford a greater sense of comfort and confidence.

Navigating the NFT marketplace and succeeding in it can be exciting and rewarding as well as challenging.  Having the right NFT analytical tools at your disposal to select the right investments and monitor them is essential.  Portfolio trackers like those discussed here fill that role by not only allowing you to check on the NFTs you already own but also to monitor their value as well as their fluctuations.

Market momentum can often affect these fluctuations so the proper NFT analytical tools can also help you stay on top of your investments and make changes to your portfolio when needed.  Attempting to do this without help is not only labor-intensive, but most of us have neither the time nor skill set to do it all.

Carefully review the strengths of these platforms and decide what fits into your investment strategy and works best for you.  It’s likely that you will require one or more NFT analytical tools to satisfy your needs.


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