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10 Top Jobs in Cryptocurrency, Blockchain and Web3

Top jobs in cryptocurrency and blockchain


If you are looking to get one of the top jobs in the cryptocurrency and blockchain industry, you are at the right place. Continually, we research the web to fish out the hot jobs in the industry. These are high-paying jobs that allow you to work from remote places, though some of them require that you be on site. If you can check through the list, you will find one of the top jobs that suits your purpose and march your experience.

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Here is a list of top jobs in the crypto and blockchain with high salaries and flexible working conditions.

Hot Jobs in Cryptocurrency, blockchain, and Web3


  1. Storage Program Manager (Filecoin) @ WB3CLOUD

            W3BCLOUD is a joint venture between Advanced Micro Devices (NASDAQ: AMD), a leading high-performance computing, graphics, and visualization technologies company, and ConsenSys, the leading blockchain software development, and product company. Our team has 100+ years of global experience in Semiconductors, Data Centers, Blockchain, Crypto, Cloud, and AI. Do you want to be part of building the future of Web3, we are excited to welcome your application.


Job Description

W3bCloud is looking for a Decentralized Storage Program Manager that will play a critical role in growing our multi-protocol and decentralized storage roadmap, technology, and business. This person will be responsible for understanding potential customers’ needs and help design and architect storage solutions such as Filecoin in existing enterprise workloads and new Web3 applications. You will drive the onboarding of new customer datasets and use cases onto the Filecoin network. In this role, you will collaborate with the W3bCloud’s business development and technical teams as well as the Filecoin ecosystem to successfully integrate traditional enterprise applications with the Filecoin network and access to the wider ecosystem through established relationships in the Blockchain space.

2. Corporate Strategist 2 @ 10HK – Remote Position

             IO Global is searching for a Corporate Strategist 2 to join their Corporate Strategy team. The strategy office plays an integral role in accelerating corporate objectives and defining the direction of the organization. The team works cross-functionally to ensure the ongoing evolution of the company and supports our team in creating leading-edge solutions for our customers.


Working in a framework of Teach, Coach, and Consult the team has a phased approach to growing the strategic muscle of the organization. First, the team will focus on teaching strategy. Team members will work with each function to develop their strategies, provide research and analytical support, create presentation resources, simplify complex concepts and ensure alignment with the IOG strategy. 

Click here to learn more about the organization.

3. Front End Software Engineer @ Reserve – Remote Position 

At Reserve, we’re changing the Venezuelan financial system to allow access to US dollars. Dollar access is crucial to our users in order to cope with ongoing hyperinflation. We’re roughly 2/3 Venezuelan and 1/3 US American, funded by Sam Altman and Peter Thiel personally, and spread across North and South America. Before Reserve, our team members led two of the most prominent attempts to solve the problem of hyperinflation in Venezuela.


Now that our early adopters are loving us and evangelizing, we need to grow our engineering team to deliver the same level of service to a much larger audience.

So, we urgently need your creative, driven, articulate, altruistic mind to thoughtfully and efficiently grok these challenges, reach clear solutions, and – sometimes on your own and sometimes with a team – implement them. We’re willing to compete with Amazon/Google/Apple/Netflix on compensation in order to hire the absolute best people we can find, because we just have to get this right, and because we have the cash treasury to comfortably do so, having done very well in the crypto markets. So, we can offer an unusual degree of job security along with the impact, challenge, and potential financial upside of being a relatively early startup.


4. Staff Platform Engineer @ Ripple – Remote

Ripple is doing for value what the internet did for information: enabling its instant and seamless flow around the world. We call this the Internet of Value (IoV). Using blockchain and cryptocurrency technology, Ripple is dedicated to creating powerful gains in financial efficiency, equity, and inclusion. In addition, Ripple is developing and enabling future use cases that will catalyze the new digital economy for governments, businesses, and consumers.

Job Requirements

As a Staff Platform Engineer, you will play a critical role in helping to advance Ripple’s production infrastructure and release pipelines. Platform Engineers at Ripple are a hybrid of systems and software engineers who support the design and lifecycle of our hosted products. You will work closely with product engineers to provide guidance, automation, and development of platform features.

5. Soft Engineer – NFT @ Voyager – (US Remote)

Voyager is a Publicly traded company listed on the Toronto Stock Exchange (VOYG), OTC Markets (VYGVF), and the Frankfurt Exchange (UCD2). Voyager is the global leader in agency cryptocurrency brokerage. At Voyager we are building the financial services firm of the future that will be used by millions of users globally to easily access trade, invest and earn in the cryptocurrency markets.

We are a team of finance and technology industry veterans dedicated to empowering and servicing investors in one of the most exciting asset classes to date – crypto. Our founders stem from reputable finance and technology organizations like E*TRADE, Uber, TradeIt, Lightspeed Financial, and more.

Job Requirements

  • 5+ years of professional experience in software engineering
  • Understanding of core blockchain architecture and concepts and deep expertise with one or more blockchain ecosystem
  • Experience working with one or more blockchain node daemons and their APIs (e.g. bitcoin)
  • Fluent in modern Javascript and experience with Typescript, NodeJS runtime, and related toolchains
  • Proficiency in writing high quality, well tested, thoughtfully designed, and secure code
  • A growth and learning-oriented mindset, a passion for cryptocurrency, and a drive to meaningfully impact the future of finance

6. Director of Data Science @ Token Metrics  (US Remote)

            Token Metrics helps crypto investors build profitable portfolios using artificial intelligence-based crypto indices, rankings, and price predictions.

Token Metrics is searching for a strategic and inquisitive Director of Machine Learning with extensive software development experience.

In keeping with this overarching aim, the Director of Machine Learning will be required to outline work requirements, assign tasks to junior staff, and monitor performance within the team.

You should also harness your mastery of machine learning to consult on various aspects of these and other projects.

To be successful as a Director of Machine Learning, you should use machine learning to ultimately inform and promote the company’s expansion.

7. Senior Smart Contract Dev  @ Coinpoker – Remote

          CoinPoker is a revolutionary blockchain technology-based poker platform that uses stable coins as the main in-game currency and CHP as bonusing fuel, offering all benefits of the crypto world alongside.

Job Description

Coinpoker is seeking an experienced Ethereum Smart Contract Solidity Developer who can architect, design, and integrate web3 features and functions into existing desktop and mobile applications. You will work in an Agile development environment and produce robust deliverables on aggressive timelines. To be successful in this role, you should demonstrate a passion for blockchain, have strong software engineering and development skills, and have the ability to communicate well.

8. Remote Head of Engineering for Web3 Startup @ Based

      Based is creating a centralized point to access all your relationships in Web3, alphas, and the NFT activity that matters most. Their goal is to build the definitive place for everyone in Web3 to have the conversations that matter most. They also have an NFT studio that’s had two sold-out mints.

Job Description

  • Build the core software engineering and DevOps team.
  • Make critical architectural decisions (openly alongside your peers) about technology, tools, and how best to scale.
  • Oversee the deployment and maintenance of our platform, apps, and SDK.
  • Collaborate often with the COO, CEO, Head of Product, and your other peers to plan, scope and execute roadmap plans and feature releases.
  • Actively contribute to the codebase. You can expect to spend up to 20% of your time working in the code base initially.


9. Sales and Business Development Executive @ Bybit 

Bybit is one of the fastest-growing global cryptocurrency and blockchain-focused professional investment companies registered with the BVI, with offices in Asia, Europe, and the United States. Bybit’s founding team is made of professionals from the forex industry, investment banking, and early blockchain adopters. Our technological development team includes experts from Morgan Stanley, Baidu, Alibaba, and Tencent.

Job Description

  • Expand client base and manage existing clients
  • Identify new markets and customers’ needs
  • Enhance and build the company’s reputation and business in overseas cooperations
  • Develop and explore business opportunities in blockchain technology via social media and other platforms
  • Understand the domestic and foreign demands, propose the cooperation strategies, and reach a partnership agreement

10. GameFi Data Analyst @ Vader Research

 Vader Research is a thesis-driven research firm dedicated to the long-term development of Web3 Gaming. We are a fundamentals-driven research firm that makes data-driven decisions at each step. We provide tokenomics design, economy management, strategy, and investment management consulting services for leading web3 games, platforms, guilds, and institutional investors.


Job Description

We are looking for a data analyst to join our team. You will use various methods to transform raw data into useful data systems. For example, you’ll create algorithms and conduct statistical analysis. The successful candidate will pull the necessary data, and turn data into information and information into insight. Familiarity with blockchain and gaming will be helpful as we will be mainly working with gaming-related data from the blockchain. You should have strong analytical skills and the ability to combine data from different sources.


Cryptocurrency is a booming industry, that has provided more job opportunities to applicants than other sectors. Listed above are top jobs in the crypto and blockchain, and very competitive. Please don’t waste any time applying. And don’t forget to send us a message if you got your desired jobs or how you think we can share more job opportunities with those who need them.


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