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10 Cryptocurrency Jobs That Pays Over $50k Per Year

Cryptocurrency job with high pay

The cryptocurrency and blockchain industry is a busy one, with hundreds of job openings. We have researched the web to bring you the best of these jobs with high salary packages and some of them offer remote opportunities. Most of the jobs may not be remote but some of them surely are.


So check through and select the one that you are most qualified for regarding, education, knowledge, and experience.


  1. Chief Marketing Officer @ CryptoWallet


CryptoWallet simplifies all complex crypto operations in a user-friendly app. The company is looking for an innovative Marketing professional to help develop and manage marketing strategy, establish our brand on the market and increase brand awareness. 


This job requires a bachelor’s degree in marketing, business, or a related field. Interest in crypto and blockchain, knowledge in this field is a plus.


Check the company website to get more information, click here


  1. Twitter Account Manager @ Midas.Investments

Midas. Investments is a custodial investment platform with the highest interest rates on crypto, backed by transparent and hedged Defi yield strategies.


What this job requires is that as Twitter Account Manager, you will use your experience and creativity to deliver comprehensive communications in the Twitter Media field. You will provide the audience with a clear understanding of the Defi market and its goals. Your goal will be to develop several Twitter accounts for that we want to become influencers.


            It’s a part-time job which will take you 3-4 hours a day. Click here for more information. 

  1. Senior Blockchain DevOps and Bot Engineer (Remote) @ Autonomy Network

Autonomy Network is a protocol for decentralized automation.

Autonomy needs a Shadowy Super Coder to lead the bot/node work! Since Autonomy works by having a decentralized network of bots monitoring users’ requests, then executing them when the conditions are fulfilled, we need a dedicated engineer to help improve the bots, and run nodes for those bots to use (Infura, etc is too slow), scale this infrastructure and deploy onto new chains.

Click here for more information on this job

  1. Head of Community @ Campus Legends

Campus Legends is the first and fastest-growing officially licensed NFT marketplace for collegiate athletics.

Campus Legends is seeking a Head of Community to join the team full-time. This is an exciting opportunity to join a passionate and fast-growing company where you will lead the strategy, implementation, and growth of the Campus Legends community in the nascent and growing NFT space. As Head of Community, you will advocate for our community base, driving conversation, loyalty, engagement, and fan experiences through a multichannel approach utilizing creativity, data, and innovative audience-building tactics bringing fans a best-in-class community experience.

Click here to get more information on how to apply


  1. Client Services Executive @ DappRadar

DappRadar is also the largest dapp distribution pipeline on earth and acts as a funnel through which dapp users, researchers, journalists, analysts, and investors can easily access actionable market data and make informed decisions.

Currently, we are looking for an energetic and highly motivated Client Services Executive. Come and join our team of pioneers! 

Go here to apply.

  1. Product Lead @ UMA

         UMA stands for Universal Market Access. UMA is an optimistic oracle (OO) that can provide and verify arbitrary data on-chain. UMA secures markets and smart contracts across Web3. 

We’re looking for a Product Lead who has knowledge of the Defi space and a passion for taking early-stage products to scale. You’ll define and implement technical product strategy while remaining agile to market feedback in the short term and steering your team and resources accordingly. 

Click here to get more information and apply

  1. ChainSafe System Jobs

ChainSafe Systems is a blockchain R&D firm on a mission to realize the potential of Web3 infrastructure through sustainable, open-source development. Our vision is to create a world with organizations that empower people to build and innovate through blockchain agnostic tools and other distributed technologies.


DevOps Engineer Remote

We are looking for a trustworthy and proactive DevOps Engineer to work with our teams to deliver CI/CD pipelines, developer tooling, and production deployments. As a DevOps Engineer at ChainSafe, you can expect to interact with a wide range of Web3 technologies. You will be expected to take ownership of the architecture, development, deployment, and maintenance of systems with a strong focus on security and modularity.

Head of Protocol Engineering Remote

This role is focused on supporting our protocol teams (currently Forest, Gossamer, Lodestar, Mina-rs). These teams work on complex pieces of software that are fundamental infrastructure for their respective ecosystems. You will be responsible for ensuring the performance and satisfaction of these engineers in their roles. Additionally, you will be involved in the development of processes and best practices across the organization.

Protocol Engineer, (Rust) Forest

As a protocol engineer for Forest, you will join a small team and develop and maintain the Rust implementation of the Filecoin blockchain protocol, often referred to as a node or a blockchain client. You will be tasked with implementing new features, occasionally from a technical specification or a reference implementation; maintaining existing features; ensuring the implementation stays compatible with the current specification of the protocol, and updating the code when upgrades are made to the network. Every implementation is open-source. The position is full-time and remote-friendly.

Senior Go Engineer – Gossamer – Remote Canada

We are looking for a trustworthy and proactive Senior Golang Developer with experience building complex systems. Bonus points for experience in blockchain or distributed systems. As a Developer at ChainSafe, you can expect to work on cutting-edge technology and projects, formulate and execute strategies, and coordinate with other team members while taking a lot of initiative and ownership with minimal direction. You will be expected to contribute to your team’s success through consistent, high-quality code and have an appetite for learning new things.

Unity Developer – Berlin

As a Unity Developer, you will be responsible for further developing and iterating on ChainSafe’s existing unity gaming SDK.

You will also have the opportunity to become a recognized leader in the blockchain industry. We are very active in blockchain communities and are often asked to give talks & workshops at conferences around the world.

These are high-paying jobs you can do remotely or on-site. Ensure to check through the job requirements before you apply. Hope you find what you are looking for, if not, keep checking back on our website until you find your desired job in crypto and blockchain.







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